2 problems with 2 apps

Hi. Im wondering if anyone can help me with these problems.

I’m using a Samsung A52, Android 11.

Problem 1: App WooCommerce
Suddenly i stopped receiving notifications for this app.
All notifications are enabled. I even tried disabling the "optimize battery usage" notification.
I have a "Secure Folder" where i have WooCommerce installed as well. On the Secure Folder, i’m notified.

Problem 2: wpnotif and WhatsApp
I have an app called wpnotif that opens notifications on WhatsApp.
When i updated this app, the notifications stopped opening WhatsApp. Everytime i click on a wpnotif notification instead of opening WhatsApp i get an error message: "WhatsApp not found!"
I have the setting "open supported links" set to "on this app".
I’ve tried clearing the open by default option.
On a Samsung S8 it works peefectly.

Any suggestion on what i should do next?


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