$20 Dollar ArmadilloTek Case saved a $1,000 Dollar Galaxy S10 Plus !!

I’m reviewing this case almost 2 years after my purchase. While the kickstand may have quite working correctly a few months (They sent me a replacement tho,what is important is the protection this case gives. My cell phone flew off my Motorcycle on a Dubai Highway, I watched it tumble and bounce down the highway as I could safely stop to retrieve what I expected to be a shattered phone.
S10plus testmonial photo 2.jpg
S10plus testmonial photo 1.jpg

After stopped and running back to my phone, waving my arms like a mad mad to prevent cars from running over the phone I was unable to stop at least 2 cars from running right over it. With a heavy heart, I dodged the remaining cars to retrieve my obviously shattered, crushed, and useless cell phone!!

What!! Upon retrieval (after exiting oncoming traffic), What did I see?!? My cell phone screen was unbroken and the phone was working, still, on the Google Maps screen, it was on as it flew from my bike!! Upon further examination later in the day, there was not a scratch on my phone, the case has a couple of gouges but barely noticeable.

Conclusion: Best $20 bucks I have spent!
Get your on their website: www.armadillotek.com
or Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…cUvbUpU6960687

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