Recently it has come to my attention that my phone might not be getting 4G service. My device is factory unlocked from Samsung. Ever since I have had it, the only thing I have had in my service icon area is "LTE," or "LTE+."

When I used to have T-Mobile, it always used to show 4G LTE. So I am a bit baffled by this. I always thought LTE was the same thing as 4G just displayed differently, but now I’m not so sure, as several people online have said their device is only getting 3G. My searches have provided several answers, one being that LTE is not true 4G but an enhanced version of 3G.

My device certainly doesn’t feel like 3G though. Runs quite fast. I am wondering if when my device says LTE, it is 4G and when it shows LTE+, it’s 4G LTE.

Any thoughts?

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