3G shutting down; can we still modify newer phones to improve performance?

And if so, what are the ramifications?

Well, some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been very active on here for the past few years. I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S8 four years ago, and all through this time its performance has been good enough that I haven’t needed to think about tinkering with it to improve it. Now it’s about to become obsolete because the 3G network is being shut down. Believe it or not, I only found out about this yesterday when I called my service provider for a different reason.

So now I have to get a new phone. Unlike the last time, I’m no longer in a position to buy the latest flagship model, and even if I were I would still be hesitant because the cost has gone up so much.

So I’ve been looking at the phones my service provider is offering on their website. It seems that, in order to upgrade to a phone that can use the 5G network, I will have to downgrade in terms of RAM, internal storage, and, apparently processing power too. Moreover, I’m not looking forward to going from 64G of internal storage down to 32G, although the newer phones do support larger external cards. But how much good is that when most apps can’t be moved to the external card? At least, I remember that was becoming a major issue for some people while I was still active here. It looks like I’m probably going to want to root whatever phone I get and flash a custom ROM, if that’s still a viable option.

And hells bells, will my next phone have a plastic body again, like the ones of years ago?

If you look at my old threads from five to nine years ago, you’ll see that I became quite the veteran at tinkering with the relatively low end devices I used to have. By now, I have forgotten pretty much everything I used to know about installing recovery, rooting, and flashing ROMs. Is this still possible in the current environment, or will tripping the KNOX flag void the warranty and the insurance, and prevent system upgrades from being downloaded and installed?

I so did not need this right now!

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