4a Mobile Network Connectivity and Voice Calls Over WiFi

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My mobile network (Fi) at home is basically lousy. At times the voice quality of calls was iffy and data speeds quite slow. But on my previous phones (Nexus 5X and Moto G7) they always defaulted to my 60 mbps WiFi for data and calling when at home. After getting my new Pixel 4a set up it appeared to be finding a mobile network (Tmobile/Sprint) normally going immediately to WiFi. After about 10 days, however, that stopped. Now when I try to make a call I get "Mobile Network Not Available". I can not make or receive calls until I put in the repair diaIer code and force it to Google Fi. At times even that doesn’t work. I have an open case with Fi support but so far a lot of tests and bug reports but no solution. So I have a new 4a mobile phone that doesn’t function as a phone at home on either mobile or WiFi. Using mobile data is impossible too, although sending texts works perfectly. Away from home, no problems. Anyone have a similar problem or any thoughts on what might be causing this? I don’t want to return the 4a, but I may have no choice.


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