5g with Android 10, or 4g with Android 11?

Looks like I may need a new phone soon, and in the interest of future-proofing, as I don’t buy a new phone very often and wouldn’t have it any other way, I am looking at some mid-range 5g phones. However, the one I really like, the Moto G 5G Plus, says it only comes with Android 10 and can’t be upgraded to 11.

I found a comparable (actually many specs are a bit better) Moto G Pro, which can be upgraded to Android 11, but will be stuck with 4g.

Any sense from people more familiar with the technology which is the better future-proof route … will I get a better run with apps and all on a later version of Android, or will 5g be utterly more important within the next year or two?

I realize this is a bit of an opinion piece, so happy to take comments from anyone who knows a bit more about the Android landscape than myself

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