A few questions if I may about the Fold³

Hi All.

I’m definitely drawn to the Fold³ and it looks like I may pull the trigger when Samsung UK have them back in stock. The lead time is around the 24th of September right now ! 🙁

1. How is the internal screen protector holding up ? I’ve read some have had wrinkles and indentations appearing on their’s.

2. I would be using the Fold³ for watching mainly YouTube content. Does the Fold³ use it’s inner screen to give a full screen viewing experience or do you have to pinch to zoom out. If so is content of the video lost / cut into ?

3. I know battery stats and screen on time is subjective, but is yours lasting at least a day from your usage ?

4. I’m looking at the Aramid Case from Samsung. Thoughts on this case is most welcome.

5. What do you think about the outer screen ?
I personally don’t text too heavily and prefer to use the Samsung Messages app and the Samsung Keyboard.

All other input most welcome. 🙂

Thank you for your time.

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