Accessing logs for specific settings/data on S21 ultra

Hi there,

Not sure if this is the best forum to ask in but basically I would like to access certain things on the Samsung S21 Ultra

So I am looking to find certain usage data on my S21 Ultra, I don’t know if I’ll need to use the debugging tool or another program for this but I figured that here is the best place to ask as I’m not too familiar with using android beyond the odd game or app here and there so here goes (thanks in advance!).

Can I access debug logs that tell me about when settings are enabled and disabled on my phone, namely when and whether the notification history setting was enabled and disabled and if the do not disturb feature was turned on?

A log of when and how my apps have been used+install/uninstall logs?

In addition to this, can I also find and restore old/cleared notifications from whilst the feature was on as well as notification history from things received whilst the feature has been off?

If these are possible how would I go about finding this information and are there any resources you can recommend? As well as what I’ve requested, any information on additional things I can do to check usage would be great.

Also, unrelated but is there also a way of checking to see if other sim cards had been used in the device recently?

Thanks a lot!


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