Accubattery and wear out cycles,how to properly charge used battery on my Note 10+?

Hey friends.

So I got Note 10+ used with pretty bad battery I suppose,I’m geting only 5h 30min SOT which I suppose is bad.
So I want to preserve anyway I can this battery to last me as much as it can.
So I swtiched on power saving,switched on dark theme mode,turned off unnecessary services,and I even turned off fast charging option.
Don’t understand this thing with Accubattery and "wear cycles".
App suggested me to charge to 80 % battery.
Judging by the pics does it mean that for health of my battery the best way is to charge it to only 80 %.
I will discharge it no more then 15 % cuz it’s Li-Ion.
So please explain me and give proper advices.
Phone info under usage history is reporting me health og only 40.4 % (don’t think it’s true).

There is no charge count option in same app for some reason.

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