acing following issues with Oneplus 9 pro

Hello Everyone,
I hope you guys are all good and well. I’m new here. I bought 9 pro 2 days back. And this mobile is good. But I’m facing number of issues that I couldn’t resolve it even I’m googling around for many days. So here are the following issues.
1:- I’m trying to remove icons borders which looks very annoying and old style. I believe no one’s fuddy-duddy and like this around here.
2:- The clock doesn’t have am and pm . You cant tell whether its evening or morning.
3:- Whenever you get messages in WhatsApp, SMS , Viber etc. there’s no small popup on the icon to show number of messages.
I’m addressing these issues because I’d Honor 6x which I’ve been using for 4 years which worked wonderfully without any issues with above problems I mentioned.
I hope you guys all help me out here. Waiting for your kind quick response.
Thank you

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