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Geez, I’ve now bought 2 fast chargers that claim they will fast charge the Google Pixel 4 XL yet neither has. What do y’all recommend as a purchase to get a second fast charger that can charge the Pixel 4 XL at max speed?

I’m hesitant to get the exact same charger that came with the phone because I don’t like the USBC to USBC cable and the cable is too short.

Also, is it just the wall mount that gives something fast charging or do different USBC cables charge a different speeds?

I’m also trying to find the best way to wirelessly charge my phone on a flat wireless charger and have found that for some reason connecting my Yootech wireless charger to my fast charger that came with the Google Pixel charges much slower than if I use a different cable and wall mount. Why is that?



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