After a week this phone just isn’t for me.

I used this phone exclusively for the last week and kept my S21 5g in a drawer. Today I took out my S21 powered it on and was reminded of why that is one of my favorite devices I have ever owned.

I really like the pixel 6 pro and it is a solid device. If you are a pixel fan and reading this and wondering if you should upgrade. The answer is you should upgrade to this phone because its definitely a pixel there is no question about that.

That is also why I am not going to keep it, I am so use to all the little things that samsung does with their phones and they do them so well. Its really hard for me to want to use something that doesnt have feature I use regularly.

I was thinking of returning and getting the regular 6 because my biggest complaint is that the pro is a huge heavy phone when compared to my s21. To the point where holding it for long periods became uncomfortable at times. The 6 would still be missing the samsung specific features I have grown to love and enjoy.

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