Agitate for a cell tower?

General Carrier Discussion
We moved and are now centered on 3 cell towers, the fringes of.
Mostly poorish signal inside the house and at certain times I can’t dial out so I go outside toward the east tower to make a call.
No I can’t see them, I’m going by what the 3-4 apps I’ve got tell me but I have driven past them.
Talking with other homeowners here (this subdivision) we share the same annoyance. Either AT&T or Verizon, doesn’t matter, PP signal strength.
So how do we get a local tower. There’s plenty of un-built lots, 3-5 acres. And some are zoned unbuildable anyway.
Also I know the lease is a $ maker for a landowner.
Anybody have experience, luck, whatever, getting a nearby tower built?


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