Alarm icon in pull-down settings, what’s the deal?

I have this alarm toggle in my pull down settings but I have no idea what it’s connected to. When I look in the clock app I have no alarms. Last night it was showing "Sun 09:00" and now today, after 9am it’s showing Sun 21:00 (9pm tonight). At 9am it didn’t trigger an alarm and no doubt at 9pm tonight it won’t either. But I don’t get why it’s highlighted as if it’s turned on. When I short press it nothing happens, but when I long press it, also nothing happens. It just seems to be confused about life. Aren’t we all? But if I wanted it to turn on/off alarm it isn’t doing anything – so it’s lying to me about being on and having an alarm set and not letting me unset it.

So confused.

I bet if I wanted an alarm set I could go into the clock app and set one – that’s worked for years.

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