Alcatel 1B 2020 32GB – Unable to increase font size after Android update.

I have an Alcatel 1B 2020 32GB phone. It came with Android 10 – 02 Go Edition. I was able to increase the font size (the native font is tiny even after selecting largest setting) with a big font app. However, after it updated to 10 – 03 I had to factory reset the phone due to it not being able to come out of Extreme power saving Mode. After doing so I could not increase the font size higher than 130%. The coder of the big font app says it is a limitation of the the Google update which was fixed in the next release. However, alcatel updated the phone to version 10 – 04 but this has made no difference to being able to increase the font size. As far as I can see this was only a security update. Can anyone suggest any fixes to increas the font size as Alcatel haven’t been very helpful with this matter when I contacted them. The phone is very difficult to use with the tiny font. Thanks.

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