Alerts not working, Android v10

I have a Moto z4, Android v10. I use Trillian messaging app. When Trillian is open and I get an IM, I no longer get an alert that "remains" on my phone, either when the phone is open or the screen is locked. I had been getting alerts (vibration and a sound I had set, and the Trillian icon would appear on the lock screen and the app bar until I read the IM) previously and I changed nothing before the alerts stopped. Settings/apps and notifications/Trillian is set to Show Notifications (Alerting- gets your attention with sound or vibration), Pop on screen is set to On, Advanced set to Vibrate, Lock is Show all notification content, Show notification dot, Override Do Not Disturb. Allow notification snoozing is off. Show sensitive content when locked is On. when I say "remains", the icon flashes (only on lock screen— nothing if phone is open) for the blink of an eye. If I am not looking directly at the phone (as I was when testing everything), I’m unaware of a Trillian message. There is nothing on the app bar, either. I *do* get notifications for my texting app and for emails, leading me to think that this is a Trillian problem. I have contacted their support several times and their reply is only to check the settings which I have listed above (and which seem to be in order). How do I get the notification for Trillian to vibrate, to show on the app bar, and to have the icon last longer than approximately 1 second? I have also uninstalled/reinstalled Trillian several times, made no difference. Is there some app that would ehlp? I tried a few I found on the Play Store but they did nothing. TIA and I am sorry if this is in the wrong section but I don’t see a Moto z4 section

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