All notification sounds went silent

I have a Pixel 4a 5G running Android 11. Yesterday, I turned my phone to "vibrate" before a meeting. While it was still set to vibrate, I rebooted the phone. After the meeting, I set the notifications back to audible. Ever since then, all my notifications will only vibrate without any audible sound. (At least I *THINK* that’s when this started.) Even if I go into the notification settings and try to pick a different sound, the sounds I click on don’t make any noise. This happens for both system tunes and my downloaded tunes. My alarm and my media play at normal volumes; it’s just the notifications that are silent. This happens with multiple apps, including Google Calendar, Textra, and my battery manager app. I’ve inspected all the settings that I can find, but they all look normal (i.e, set to "audible"). I don’t think I’ve installed any system updates recently. I have rebooted the phone again while set to audible, but to no avail. I do have a "do not disturb" schedule, but it is currently off.

What am I overlooking? How can I get my audible notifications back?

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