Always on display and proximity sensor errors

I have noticed a few errors the last few days. I believe it is since last update.

The always on display is too bright. When I push power to turn it off it goes into a nice dim state but exactly when the minute changes the brightness is raised a lot and it is very annoying in my dark bedroom…

Also, I have noticed that the normal ON brightness is much higher than before and it does not seem to lower when the room is dark. This I have not made a test on yet, just that it usually dims when I play a game and cover the top with my fingers and now it does not.

I also noticed that the screen does not turn off when I have a phone call and put it to my ear. It used to do that.

I got a notification about clock and standard fonts. Could be it? Something about security, widget clock, font and so on.

Both front and back cameras work

All in all, very strange things but could be connected?

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