Am I the only one that’s tired of all the gimmicks used in smartphones these days?

Pop-up cameras, under-screen cameras, speakers, and sensors, curved screens, etc. How do any of these things add functionality? Putting everything under the screen just sacrifices quality for sleekness. No one would buy a stereo or camera and put it behind a window.

And it’s mainly smartphones doing it. Why are smartphone makers so hell-bent on trimming bezels so much they have to remove or hide things that were perfectly functional otherwise? We already have full-screen phones with perfectly functional visible cameras and speakers. The Galaxy S9 was peak smartphone design, it had a full screen with just enough bezel to keep the speaker and camera fully functional.

I don’t see any TVs, laptops, and tablets that rely on gimmicks like these, so why are phones doing it? A screen without a border is like a picture without a frame.

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