Android 11 Issues

I have a Samsung Note 10+ and just had the Android 11 update done and I totaly hate it. There are a few things that it did that I don’t like and I havent found a way to change them.

1. Before the update when I got a Facebook Messenger message there would be a bubble that popped up on the edge of the screen and that does not happen anymore.

2. When I open anything that changes the screen to landscape, after I close the app, the home screen stays in landscape and I have to put the phone to sleep for it to change back to portrait mode.

3. In the YouTube app, I used to be able to rotate the screen and it would follow it. Now when I rotate the phone it does not. I have to push the full screen icon in the app and it will turn it to landscape, but only one direction, and when I try to go back out of full screen it stays in landscape mode and won’t change back to portrait mode.

I have turn on and off the auto-rotate and it does nothing. I have also looked into the settings for the display and apps for the bubble.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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