Android Auto on 2019 Subaru Outback takes over native Voice Recognition

On my (new to me) 2019 Subaru Outback Premium, once android phone is connected via usb, Google Assistant takes over voice recognition. In so doing, I lose the voice controls of the Harman Kardon head unit hands free controls such as cabin temperature and fan speed. I can either resort to good ole dials and buttons or disconnect Android Auto (requiring a stopped vehicle to reengage), basically negating the hands free/eyes on the road safety claims/benefits.
I have replicated this on other 2019 Outbacks so this doesn’t appear to be a defect in my particular car but rather a "feature" or as the reps describe it "operating as expected".
On the 2021 Subaru models (different head unit manufacturer), short press on the steering wheel voice button brings up native Subaru head unit voice recognition and long press brings up Google Voice Assistant.
I am being handed off from one Subaru customer relations rep to another and none seem to be aware, or choose to ignore, the issue. I have asked that this be forwarded to engineers but so far, crickets.
Can anyone venture a guess as to whether this is a software issue that can be remedied or is it baked in the cake tied to the HK head unit?

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