Android Nearby Sharing – pros but above all the cons, vs. Samsung Quick Share

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Up front: I have -not- enabled any of the above services yet!
I’d like to ask a few questions first before just start using something, without being aware of any drawbacks.

This new ‘Nearby Sharing’, most, if not all, sites are explaining how it works, how to activate it, etc.
Samsung has a similar service named ‘Samsung Quick Share’.

Only a few sites highlight the pros and cons of each of the above services.

Samsung Quick Share seems to depend on cloud integration(?)
What cloud service? Samsung Cloud or OneDrive? OneDrive is integrated in their Gallery app.
Samsung Quick Share, when enabling, offers the choice to share to ‘Everyone’ or to your ‘Contacts’ only.
OTOH Google’s Nearby Sharing, offers to share with ‘Some Contacts’

But those contacts should then first tap on the ‘Accept’ button to accept shared files(?), contrary to sharing files by sending them as an attachment to an email, or sharing them through WhatsApp.

A practical example: I make a photo and want to share it with one other person.
1. I do not want to share the photo with others, nor
2. do I wish my device be visible to others.

Right now I am sending it as an email attachment. As the other person opens his mailbox, the photo is there. Period.

Based on the above ‘Quick Share’ seems not the right option: my Smartphone is shared with all persons in the ‘Contacts’ list, having devices with the same Quick Share feature(?)

Now how am I to proceed using Nearby sharing.



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