Android One / 11 – Daughter has reset something – Multipole Issues – Please Help!


Please do excuse any terminology below as I best explain our problem!

My daughter has a Nokia 4.2 which logs in as Android One but I believe is running Android 11. She restarted/reset the phone but doesn’t know exactly what she has done. Try as I might to work out whats happened I can’t. It has caused multiple problems as follows:-

– The phone shows 9.2GB of internal storage photos but we cannot access any.
– The phone will not save any new photos taken.
– Whats App has all conversations saved but names lost to the number and names cannot be saved.
– TikTok will not open. We have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but still does not work.
– All apps have reset to original settings and games restarted.

It sounds like she has reset everything. The biggest problem we have as whilst it seems she has lost all photos storage suggests they are there and we cannot only access but also if they have been deleted is taking up so much internal storage. Additional unable to save names on WhatsApp and open Tiktok is quite frustrating!

Im not sure if these problems are linked and if anyone knows how we can fix. Any help would be gratefully received as I have a very sad daughter!!

Thank you!


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