Android Studio err: “an error occurred while trying to compute required packages”!

I was in the process of installing Android Studio from the .exe file on the "bin" folder I extracted from the package I downloaded, the first error I got was "Unable to access Android SDK add-on list". After that, I got another err "you must download the necessary components".

After setting the directory location for the files to be downloaded, I received this error. Though the error exist, I can still press "finish" and moved forward.
However, when I want to create a new project I get a "Your Android SDK is missing" err (I have the sdk commandlines downloaded but don’t know where to put them!!).

Finally, when I open sdk manager, I get "Android sdk location can’t be at the filesystem root" err.

I uninstalled Android Studio because I couldn’t find a way to attach Android documentation to a project I was working on (which should be attached by default!!). An internet answer guided me to reinstall the software and download all the recommended tools (which apparently didn’t go well).

I hope that was explanatory enough. Thanks in advance for your help

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