android teamviewer quick support, need a replacement

Android 10
device: samsung galaxy tab a(8.0, 2019)
problem: unable to remote troubleshoot device.
ok, so a buddy and I both have the same model tablet, and he’s having some kind of issue getting the bluetooth to connect to some random accessory(not the problem, just details), so I figure, have him throw on teamviewer quick support for android, I’d remote in via my computer and see whats going on.

small problem…I cant remote control despite him allowing every permission the app has requested. it appears he’s somehow locked into presentation mode.

ok..I figure I’ll toss the app on my device, poke at it, see why I cant remote control his device.

I log into my tablet via teamviewer on my computer…same exact problem. presentation mode only. no ability to remote control AT ALL.

I’ve already wandered over to teamviewer’s support page, its a problem with android 9/10, and it appears to be unlikely to ever be fixed(this has been a known bug for over a year according to users on teamviewer’s support forums).

so, the problem I have, is I need a simple, easy to use remote support app, with full ability to interact with items, for android 9/10.

can someone help?

p.s..admins, PLEASE dont move this thread, no one ever responds after a thread’s been moved…and I’m already having enough of a bad day…


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