Androidn Auto- Honda Passport Pixel 5

Hey all- I have a pixel 5 on verizon, that has worked fine in my honda accord with connecting to usb and using androind auto- never could figure out how to use it via bluetotth though- I recently got a new car- the Honda passport 2021, and am experiencing where the android auto connects and disconnects several times, goes through a loop of conencting and disconnecting 5-7 times in a few minutes. I swapped out several cables and same issue. I tried a friends iphone with apple car play, worked fine. I tried 2 other androind phones, worked stable, for some reason the pixel 5 is the one that seems to be acting up. Spoke to google, they had no solutions, anyone else have any ideas?
even got the weird error message to display on my phone after a whileScreenshot_20210721-103904.jpg
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