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I’m OK with a PC having been a secretary in a previous life, so I know my way around it but when it comes to new technology I’m a bit of a novice – hence some basic questions regarding my Android Fusion5. A couple of members have very kindly sorted me out with my previous query so I’m sure there’s someone out there who can help me again.

I have already downloaded many hundreds of PDF files (mostly magazines) to my PC and want to transfer them to my Android so that I can read them on that.

I’ve downloaded an app (ReadEra) on to my Android but I don’t know how to launch it so that it starts automatically at startup.

When it is launched, I would like to choose to use the app each time I open the PDF file. How do I get to do that?

I’ve searched YouTube and looked on the internet but can’t find anything specific regarding my problem. I can’t find any decent tutorial about transferring files etc. in the manual – in fact I don’t think anything like that exists (LOL). Surely I’m not the only one who thinks the Fusion5 manual is lacking in many ways.

Looking forward to some interesting answers.

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