Any Issues With Android 12 on Note 20 Ultra?

Just like the title says. Mine came with Android 11… but I have a particularly bad history with updating phones more than once with the next version of android. My S4, Turbo 2, Z Force, Note 9, all completely ruined by updates. The last time it happened with my note 9 and it started suffering from serious overheating problems, software problems, performance issues, all kinds of problems. It killed the Wi-Fi on my Z-Force and the same thing happened when they replaced it with a new Z-Force, my Turbo and my S4 both suffered serious performance issues, I’m having a really bad time with these updates.

I’ve talked to a number of phone technicians about this, and they’ve told me Google and phone manufacturers don’t care how it affects older phones or it’s even intentional because they want customers to replace their old phones and keep spending money.

So I feel like I would be doing something really stupid if I just went ahead and updated to 12 without learning as much as I possibly could and listening to other people’s experiences. What do you guys use your phones for? How many and what types of apps do you use on them? How long have you had your phones? Did you start with 11 like I did or did you start with 10? What have your experiences been with Android 12? Performance issues? Battery problems? Charging problems? Overheating? Glitches? What about problems with things like wi-fi, bluetooth, wireless charging, compatibility issues, apps not working with Android 12, etc?

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