Any tips from ex-Samsung users for Pixel 6 Pro ?

With my last 4 phones being S10, S8, Note 4 and Note 2 I’ve been well in the Samsung world but decided the P6P looked more appealing this time. I have to say though, the Android 12 UI is something of a disappointment compared to Samsung’s One UI. OK, maybe it’s just because it’s so different – but I’m just struggling to get things done. Here’s a list (that I’ll probably keep editing and adding to):

– Can’t find how to have always-on clock/date/charge-state/notifications so you see stuff even when the phone’s asleep

– Can’t get rid of the Date occupying an entire row on the home screen where I’d like to have icons. When I drag it on it, instead of a ‘Remove’ drop-place being offered like with the other icons, it just offers Customize/Feedback and choosing Customize takes me into a bunch of Home screen settings. I’ve turned all the things off but it won’t go away.

– I want a 5×6 home screen but the most I’m offered is 5×5. I guess a different launcher is my way forward there. Currently the gap between rows of icons is BIG

– I miss the swipe-up-from-bottom of One UI where it gives you three virtual buttons – a hamburger menu that lets you go into open-app selection mode to switch between apps, a home button, and a back button. With Android 12 it’s all gestures. I can get used to it but sad. I never found how to switch between apps for the first two hours of using the phone. Yes I could RTFM but I’ve been using (a form of) Android since 2010, you just get used to stuff.

– I’m really gonna miss my video lock screen.

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