Any way of getting a new battery for an obscure/out of production phone?

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Hello. I have used a Galaxy Note Edge since it came out (I think in 2014?) and I’ve always liked the phone, and new batteries for them from third party manufacturers are still out there. Every couple of years I pop a new battery in it. I’ve always liked having a phone that had a user replaceable battery since I stick with phones for so long.

But recently I saw how cheap Red Hydrogen One phones are now going for, and I decided to scoop one up. I wouldn’t have paid $1300 for it, but for a $200 phone, I like it! My only problem is, will I ever be able to replace the battery on this thing when the time comes in a few years? It seems like replacement batteries for them are already few and far between. Since the phone is out of production and it was such a sales flop, I doubt there is any production line still cranking out new batteries for them anywhere on earth. So what will I be able to do in a few years to get a new battery? Is there any generic battery that I might be able to solder onto the existing ribbon cable, even if it’s a little smaller than the original battery? I think this is actually a cool phone, and I’m bummed that it’s might become pretty much unusable in a few years when the battery wears out.


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