Any way to disable swiping apps closed?

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Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and I can’t keep doing this anymore.

You how if you click the three bars button at the bottom of the screen, it’ll show you all the apps you have open? And if you want to close any you swipe up on them?? Well, that particular function seems to be a bit too sensitive for my tastes. I can’t count how many times I’ve moved my finger just a little in the wrong way on that screen, and whoosh! Google Chrome closes, and because I use incognito mode I lose every damn thing I was working on. I just can’t keep dealing with this.

I just wanted to know, is there any way I could disable this, the swiping up on apps to close them? Maybe I could just get a little x to click instead?? Please help, I’m desperate, I’m so sick of this stupid f***ing phone ruining all my hard work.


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