Anyone Flashed Unlocked Firmware To The Verizon S20 FE?

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
I’m circling back to this now that the S20 FE has been out there a while.

Shortly before it shipped I had a mild dustup with one of the other posters here about whether it was a good idea to flash the unlocked image to the Verizon variant of the S20 FE, due to the fact the actual hardware may be different (the 5G UW radio). For the same reason (though obviously more extreme) that you wouldn’t flash an S10 image to your S20. I think at the time it may have been misunderstood that I was against cross-flashing in general. That’s not the case.

Of course, none of us have been certain if the hardware is actually different between the unlocked and VZW variants. I just thought it was a better safe than sorry situation until we knew more. I figure phones have been bricked for less.

So, has anyone successfully flashed unlocked to the Verizon handset?

The other remaining lingering question is whether the unlocked variant works on 5G UW or not.


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