Anyone noticing a gap in the seam between the frame and rear glass of your N20U??

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Watching Erica’s video I was surprised when she mentioned having a gap on the side of her N20U (non button side) large enough to get a nail in 😮

Like she said probably doesn’t affect water resistance since it’s probably glued up all around the phone… but still annoying if you got it. And adhesive over time if exposed will weaken.

Looking at mine because I have a clear case… the button side the fit does look much tighter than the other. I’m not really wanting to pull it out of my case since I’m traveling and no desire to see if I can slide a fingernail in between. But wondering if others see the same.

Erica’s been pretty critical of the phone… coming from vietnam. She says she loves it but still… green tint, dust particle inside the camera lens… and now the gap she can slide her fingernail as you can see her do at 4 minute mark. :confused:


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