Anyone on Verizon bought an Unlocked P6Pro? Do you have…

Have any of you purchased an Unlocked version of the Pixel 6 Pro (google store/other) and are using it on Verizon? A few questions:

  • Are you able to use it to its full capacity as if it were the Verizon version of the phone?
  • Do you have Vzw Visual Voicemail?
  • Do you have capabilities for calls in HD? video calls? wifi calling?
  • Can you use Vzw text message app?
  • Lastly, are you rocking a vzw 5G sim and able to use those bands? (assuming it works of verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G bands?)

Thank you kindly. Looking forward to hearing the community’s feedback. Although the unlocked and verizon versions are both the same price, I prefer to purchase the unlocked version if I can, in case I need to jump ship to another carrier down the road (currently not in the plans).

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