anyone use poweramp?

Although oneui 3.1 seems to have perhaps fixed the stability bugs in Player Pro, the lockscreen controls are just the default Samsung. Samsung music has slightly better lockscreen controls, but said control annoyingly doesn’t tell how far into the track one is and one has to manually import new playlists and delete old ones.

I went and tried poweramp. The lockscreen controls are much better; the interface wasn’t the most intuitive, but I stumbled onto how to return to the playlist, etc. The problem: on my Note 20 Ultra, I have to make my playlists from my hard drive and import them, the opposite of how the s5 did. Poweramp (from my m3u playlist) isn’t picking up on some tracks (which S. Music and Poweramp do) which are from different folders on the hard drive. Other than the obvious, putting copies of said tracks into a known good folder, can you suggest any fixes? I suspect that perhaps it has to do with the ‘problem’ tracks coming from folders which are more deeply nested in the hard drive, i.e. a longer filepath.

If playerpro were as good as the one for the S5 (lockscreen controls were much better) and one could actually change playlist order, I’d stick with that. Samsung music is nearly good enough, but having to manually import playlists is really dumb.

Also, do like apps mute the phone mic? I’ve noticed a bug where if an audio app is on (and I don’t think it’s 100% of the time), the person whom I’m calling can’t hear me unless I remove the headphone dongle (they can hear me if I reattach it).

The .pla playlist was much better; sure, less programs worked with it, but I could change it from the pc and changing playlist order in the app would save the changes.

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