anyway to backup an android to pc (not just data …the entire config, apps, settings. Everything).

I do not have an issue/problem. I try to be proactive and solve my problems before they occur. Hence my question. I normally clone my pc to an external drive so if I were to say, mistakenly format my HD, or get a ransomware attack, I can completely recover in an hour. Can I do the same with my android?
Ideally, I would like to clone to my pc, then to my external drive. Is this even possible? I’m tired of searching online and sifting through hype.
Along the same lines: is there a product that will allow me to backup data…msgs, pix, addr book, etc. to a pc in a human readable format?
I’m using a motorola moto g(7) power, but I wouldn’t expect that to matter. Am I being naive?

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