App to Sync Photos to Cloud Then Back to PC?

I know there are a lot of other frustrated users in my shoes. Here’s the problem. More and more people these days are using their phone to take photos. And those people typically have the Google Photos App which automatically uploads your photos to your Google Photos.

It used to be there was a Google Photos folder in your Google Drive so you could get a file folder structure view of all your Google Photos and you could sync that folder to your PC. So if you wanted to email or do something with one of those folders using your PC you could easily access them from Windows Explorer.

Now that that Google got rid of that functionality, the only way to get photos out of Google Photos that were not already on your PC to begin with is to download them on demand. Yes you can use Google Takeout to get everything downloaded but that’s messy and unnecessary when you just need a few photos.

I’ve searched and there appears to be no solution to sync Google photos to the PC (only to sync photos from the PC to Google Photos.) If that’s true has anyone found an alternative photo storage solution that automatically uploads your photos from all your devices and syncs everything back down to your PC so photos taken on your phone that get uploaded get downloaded to your PC or at least you get a network mapped drive that is just symbolic pointers to all your photo files and folders?

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