[APP] [TOOL] Alpy – your GPS altitude meter


⛰️ Alpy, the digital altimeter is a simple but elegant app for measuring your altitude. It is the perfect Android app for people who likes climbing, hiking, cycling or any other outdoor activity, without the use of internet.
So even when you are offline, you’ll know your height by using GPS satelite trilateration.

– Shows height in meters or feet
– Shows speed in kilometers or miles per hour
– Allows changing altitude unit between feet and meters
– Supports ECO modus for long hiking and climbing activities
– Uses GPS to measure your latitude, longitude and altitude
– Shows GPS altimeter accuracy
– Shows your compass direction
– Allows to calibrate your compass
– Allows you to share your location and altitude on social media, like WhatsApp or Instagram
– Has 6 backgrounds which change on start-up


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