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You want to measure the internet speed that your family is using? You want to know which is the network in the public place with the best connection? Then Speedtest – an accurate and completely free network speed measurement application is the perfect choice for you!

Speedtest provides you information about ping, upload, and download speed of a network you are using. Based on these metrics, you will have results on the speed of the network you are using.

The application is extremely simple to use.

Step1: Select the network you want to test from the list of networks displayed on the screen.


Step2: Click the word "Speed ​​test" in the left corner of the screen => Press "Test" and the application will start testing the wifi speed.


Step3: Wait for a while and the test result will appear on the screen.


In addition, the application also has other outstanding features such as:

✔️Easy-to-see, user-friendly interface.
✔️Speed ​​comparison feature between two wifi networks together and gives the most accurate results.
✔️Keep a history of your tests.
✔️Network speed measurement graph displays general statistics to help users monitor the stability of the network quality.

These features will help you in the process of testing, monitoring and evaluating the quality of your network. From there, you will have an overview to evaluate the mobile network operator you use and find out which of them is the most suitable for you.

Download the application to get the best choice for using the network!

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