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A small summary of the app:

The body heals itself when we create the right conditions. And so we’ve created an app for that!

Envol is a mobile app that helps you set a healthy lifestyle, which is key to feeling good and improving your health. It uses a unique algorithm that takes your current health status into account, depending on what you can do physically.

Users can track their progress and receive personalized messages to help them improve their health and start feeling better each day. Through the app, users can also access a Toolbox to help switch to a relax mode with high quality meditations, breathing module, affirmations and inspiring music.

Envol is the perfect all in one app for anyone wishing to better their health and well-being.

Our story and why we built Envol:

We’re Tim and Julie, a young couple of 30 years old and we just launched our first app ever on Google Play Store (Android).

Julie got very ill 5 years ago and spent 4 years in a wheelchair with a lyme disease diagnosis, extremely weak and only able to walk a few meters per day, and dealing with a debilitating fatigue.

After trying everything to heal (visiting more than 50 health practitioners), she decided to change her mindset and look into natural healing options.

What we then realized is that our body has the capacity to heal itself when given the right conditions to do so.

What are the right conditions for the body to heal?

– Nourishing our body with healthy food

– Breathing in fresh air

– Exposing our skin to natural light and sunlight

– Connecting with nature (earthing)

– Moving our body

– Getting enough mental rest

– Sleeping enough

= formula for a healthy body and mind.

All combined together is an extremely powerful formula that will not only improve the quality of our lives but also sharpen our sense of purpose and overall well-being. And transform our health.


After countless hours researching in published papers and experimenting on our own, we created an easy to use, encouraging tool that helps you set that healthy lifestyle frame in which the body can heal and repair itself.

Julie no longer uses her wheelchair and can walk everyday now. And if she healed, can you imagine what you can do? It’s worth trying, it’s all natural, and an amazing addition to your current routine!

The name ‘Envol’ means ‘take-off’ in French. It’s time to spread your wings!

The Toolbox


One very important part of healing anything in the body is allowing for mental rest during the day. Which means, learning how to truly relax. Not just washing tv or Netflix while scrolling through Instagram, but rather, accessing that deeply relaxed state in which the body can truly regenerate.

To help you reach this state, we’ve developed a toolbox with:

– Guided meditations

– Empowering music to help you visualize your dream self

– Positive affirmations

– A breathing module

What makes Envol special

Envol uses a unique algorithm (we’ve spent countless nights working on that!) that will calculate a health potential score for you every day, based on how well you’re nourishing your body, and your balance between activity and rest. But that’s not it. Envol also takes into account your current health status. Which means that if you’re dealing with a chronic illness and can’t do much physically, the app will take that into account when calculating your score.


Because you need encouragement compared to your own baseline, and not compared to anyone else.

So you score will be fitted to you and to you only, so you can start improvement no matter from where you start.


We offer envol for free, with limited access to the content in the toolbox, and the possibility to calculate your score every day.

If you are serious about your health and want to track your progress and access more content in the toolbox, you’ll be able to subscribe and also support this project.

There are 3 memberships available on the app:

– Monthly (9,49$)

– Yearly (5,58$ per month, save 40%)

– Unlimited (234,99$)

We are super excited about this project, and we are open to any thoughts you want to share with us about this! Our goal is to share what helped Julie heal, and to truly empower you so you can transform your health too.


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