Apple online ordering is bad news.

Last night I went ahead and ordered an iPhone 13 online from the Apple Store. After a long time of research and deliberation, I actually did it. The whole process went without a hitch. Thank you for your order, and all that happy bs. Your order is being processed, and all that bs. To be delivered by courier service tomorrow morning, and all that bs. Well, this morning I checked on the delivery status. Your order has been canceled. No explanation as to why it was canceled. I found out that Apple does that alot. I also read on the store website that they reserve the right to cancel without explanation for whatever reason they feel like. Well, F… me. They act like I am supposed to bow to their ignorant asses. The CUSTOMER is the one that puts money in their pockets, NOT Tim freakin Cook. I wasn’t begging them to sell me an iphone. I’m not some desperate kardashian that just HAS to get a new iPhone every week. It was going to be my first apple purchase. Well, it didn’t happen. And thanks to them it never will.

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