Assistance required for finding an Android game played years ago! H>E>L>P :D

Hello everyone! Please assist in finding a game i played a few years back and now I cannot find it on Android Play Store anymore. It could be 5-6 years back, by that time I used to play Punch Quest/ Swords and Sandals as well and by going to recommended games I ended having this one installed. I remember it was a 2D game, like Rayman but didn’t have any verticality, you would move by holding/ tapping the finger on the right side of the screen. The main characters from the logo were a Viking (warrior) with a 2hand sword and a Mage (dressed in red, with a wand). You would play with only one per level, and it would auto attack monsters in proximity. I remember the Viking had a spell that called lightning where u casted it and you had to defeat monsters that would come in waves from the right side of the screen and also had to destroy 3 tower-like creatures per level that would spit poison. For talents, the mage could summon some fiery minion and had frost nova and the viking could have lightning and 1h + shield or 2h. Hope it makes sense for someone here :D. Thanks and Stay epic!

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