Assistant Can’t Turn on Existing Alarms?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Does anyone know how you can get Assistant to turn on an alarm you’ve already created? Google Home Routines include an option to "ask what time you want the alarm set for", but when you tell it, it creates a new alarm every time. Even just opening the assistant and asking it to turn on your repeating (daily) alarm you created, it creates a new one. By the end of the year you’d have 365 alarms. Essentially Assistant just needs to be able to flip the toggle switch on the alarm to turn it on, on command. Even if you ask it to show you your current alarms, it doesn’t show unless the alarm is actually toggled on.

Bottom line, I’m curious if there is a way for the assistant to just turn on my existing alarm when I ask it to.

Thanks for any ideas!

Note 20 Ultra on Android 10.


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