Astro File Manager displays internal storage is empty

I tried the best I could searching for my question, but the best post that came up was a user unable to access Android files with Windows. Let me make this clearm before anyone says that my question has already been posted, please note that, for me at least, my serch results delt with connect Android to Windows. This not the case for me. I am not trying to connect my Android to Windows. I am simply trying to acesss my Samsung Galaxy s7 tablet interneral storage using Astro File Manager. However, after trying to open a file from another app, I have an option to choose Astro File Manager. Once I click on "use Astro File Manager", and then click on internal storage, the file manager displays that my internal storage is empty???? How could this be, when 1. the app states that I have used 19GB of internal storage, and 2. if my internal storage is truely empty, then how is it possible that I can do everything else, like chat on messager, access my other games and apps. Normally, I used to be able to click on internal storage, and then a bunch of folders would display, such as downloads, pictures and documents folders. In addition, it is very odd that I can open my recent files through the home page. I do not think it is a permission issue, as I gave both apps permission to access my internal storage. What else could be wrong? Is this a bug?

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