Asurion claim for wife’s S21 Ultra

I’ve got a bit of a weird situation. My wife broke her screen on her S21U 256gb model. Can’t have it repaired around here as there aren’t any repair shops in my area. Asurion can’t send us a replacement because they don’t have it in stock. So they sent us a check for the full amount so we can buy whatever phone she wants. I tried to order one from AT&T but they weren’t expected to ship the 256GB model until February of next year. Lol. So I ordered a 512 model which they are saying will ship between October 13th and 20th. The problem I’m facing is that Asurion wants her damaged device within 10 days but I can’t send my wife’s phone back until we have the new one, which will be a bit after the 10-15 day window.

Has anyone ever had any luck with getting Asurion to give a grace period? If I had ordered the 128gb model, it would be here in time but that is not enough storage. Obviously I will call them tomorrow but I honestly won’t trust them to not charge me even if they say over the phone that they will grant me a grace period. Unfortunately I don’t have an extra phone to use for a few days.

It’s my understanding that if I don’t send the damaged phone back within the grace period, they will charge me $850. How does that work? Do they add it to my AT&T bill or bill me separately for that?

When I ordered the phone last night, it said it would be delivered by the 13th so I thought I’d have the new one in time to send the damaged one in on time but I tracked it today and they are saying it won’t ship until the 13th-20th.

Its nice that they sent a check but I’m sort of screwed that they didn’t have her phone in stock since now I basically don’t have enough time to get a replacement so that I can send the old one back.

Surely I can’t be the only one who has faced this problem.

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