Asus Chromebox 4 Core I3

Why did I buy a chromebox? MS Windows 10 defaulted MS Word to One drive after an update, without telling me, when I use Gdrive – it was the final straw!

Which one? Model G3103UN 10th Gen Intel I3-10110U CPU 8GB Ram (2 x 4GB DDR4) 128GB SSD £319 Ebay UK
Why? Because I read some stuff that SATA SSD is better than eMMC and this model looked like the right price/performance compromise to me. I do use MS word, excel and hope to continue using the web versions via my wife’s subscription. I fancy trying some apps from the play store and maybe linux VMs (not played linux in a number of years).

Why again – WFH and Covid, a less cluttered desk, hdmi to a large display, current aging W10 PC of 2018 gets ‘retired’ to another part of the house for wife and lodger use.

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