At&t Unlocked Software Update

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Hopefully someone has some advice. I just recently got an At&t model Galaxy Fold that the previous owner had unlocked. I’m trying to update the software but nothing is working. Tried activating a prepaid At&t sim card to try and force an OTA update; that didn’t work. Tried using Smart Switch on my iMac; that didn’t work. The only thing I haven’t tried is downloading Odin to my Windows desktop mainly because I fear screwing it up. Is this phone just destined to run Android 9 forever? It’s not too big of a deal as I’m planning on getting the Z Fold 2 but it would be nice to be running current software while I wait for that one. Samsung customer service told me to take it to an At&t store and have them update the software but that doesn’t seem like something that a carrier store would do. Any suggestions?


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