Auto download group messages.

When using the SMS app in a group chat, with one particular group, when one of them sends me a message, it initially appears as an individual message from the individual contact.

I then have to "download" the message. After it downloads, it then is removed from the individual contact, and appears under the group message.

How can I avoid having to manually download each message each time?

The rest of the group are iPhone users, but I don’t know what OS each one is on.

I’ve had group messages with other contacts, and in other groups, this behavior doesn’t happen. Each message sent automatically appears in the group right away, and is fully readable.

I don’t have to download it first, in order to see it.

I have a feeling this might be a setting that one or all of the iPhone users have to do.

But they’re probably not aware of the problem on my end, so I wanted to ask on here first what should be done.

I can’t find any setting that I can change on my end. And as I said, for a different group, I don’t have this problem.

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