Auto Tethering?! Can the S8 even do it?

I just got myself an android rearview mirror and I’d like to have my Samsung S8+ automatically turn on the wifi hotspot.
And the shortcut link in the menu no longer exists as well (Short cut to tethering)

Google: Setting up Auto Hotspot on my Samsung phone
(For whatever reason, when I add a Link, the forum adds a bunch of stuff and breaks the link?)

So the AUTO ‘feature’ is not shown on my phone at all, it doesn’t exist?

I have tried a bunch of apps that claim to enable the wifi hotspot none of which worked.
The one app that ‘almost’ worked would at least pop up a notice telling me the app could not auto turn on, then proceeded with a link to take me to turn it on manually.

Is there any way of turning the hotspot on/off automatically? (with the detection of a Bluetooth device?)


P.S. or let me know what phones allow this kind of feature, thanks.

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