Available storage issue after attempt at removing SD-card configured as Internal Storage.

Lenovo TB-8504X.
Android 8.1.0.

Sorry for the ramblings, i am not sure how to describe my problem more succinctly, so feel free to ask questions.

Extracted my usual SD card, that was mounted as Portable Storage, and replaced it with a temporary one because of reason. For the life of me I can’t explain why, but during the setup I decided to mount this new card as an Internal Device Storage.
After initial formatting was complete it had asked me if i wanted to move some files to it right away – photos, music, etc. – and that it would move 223MB to the SD card. Thinking nothing about it, since it was such a measly amount of data, I said yes. It did its thing for some time, but afterwards according to the system it moved much more than 223MB, it was using around 4Gb of space on that card. And it didn’t remove the corresponding 4gb amount of data from tablet memory.
I kinda shrugged and moved ahead with my day.
Used my tablet with this new card for about 8 hours, took some pics.
Now it was time to go back to my usual card. I Googled proper procedure and was directed to Going into Settings->Storage->Internal Shared Storage->Three dots in the upper right corner->Migrate.
I did that. It said not enough space.
I cleared a couple of GB so that empty space on my Tablet was slightly bigger than used space on the card. Tried Migrate option again. This time it went through and it told me that it would move 223Mb from my SD card. I said yes. And again it moved way more data, to the point where i was left with less than 400Mb of internal memory. And it didn’t affect reported space usage on the card.
And now I can’t find where all that empty space disappeared. Default Storage Capacity reporting tool didn’t change much. All the categories are the same size as they were before.
Those 4.5Gb I’ve cleared are just gone. And I’m left with 98% of storage capacity used.
In order to clear those GB i had to delete some pretty useful apps and now i can’t reinstall them.


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